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  • ‘Vaping’ is the genuine alternative to smoking.
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What is the Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic cigarette, electric cigarette or e-cigarette provides a clean and comfortable alternative to smoking. There are no stale tobacco odors Your body, home, office and car can be free of ash, cigarette butts, and tobacco smoke, thanks to this ingenious device.

In many ways the electronic cigarette looks the same as a normal cigarette and functions just like a regular cigarette. The e-cigarette tip glows when the smoker draws on the filter to inhale. The vapor which is inhaled offers a realistic substitute for tobacco smoke and even gives the same nicotine throat hit and taste.

The Electronic Cigarette is an outstanding alternative to tobacco smoking. It offers the same taste as a traditional cigarette and a nicotine boost to provide the genuine smoking experience without actual 'smoke'.

When you draw on an electric cigarette it produces a tobacco or menthol flavoured 'smoke' like vapour. Inhaling the vapour from the e cigarette presents the same taste as a regular cigarette and delivers an almost instant nicotine hit.

The UK smoking ban does not restrict the use of an electronic cigarette or electric cigarette in public places. You have the freedom to 'smoke' legally indoors due to the fact there is no passive smoke and nothing is flammable!

You can use 'smokeless' electronic cigarettes in pubs, clubs, restaurants, work vehicles and even offices.

How does it work?

The white body of the e-cigarette is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 'Cartomizer' filter is a sealed nicotine container and disposable vaporizer combined. This part attaches to the battery. When you inhale, the electronic cigarette battery activates and starts to vaporize the contents of the cartomizer. The LED tip of the e-cigarette glows red while inhaling and returns to standby mode when you stop.

There is no tobacco smoke, no tar and no carbon monoxide with the VIP E-Cig.

Benefits of the Electronic Smoking Alternative

  • Designed with smokers in mind
  • Electronic cigarettes contain zero tar, no passive smoke and no tobacco
  • There is no pollution or carbon monoxide emitted
  • Electronic cigarettes give off a vapor that resembles smoke
  • Instant nicotine hit just the same as a normal cigarette
  • Provide the same taste in a traditional tobacco or menthol flavour
  • Non-flammable - No burning of substances
  • No ash or cigarettes butts
  • More friendly to our environment
  • No ashtrays are needed
  • There are no lingering smells
  • Cheaper
  • Electronic cigarette refills cost far less then tobacco cigarettes
  • Around 80% cheaper than traditional smoking
  • Each cartomizer filter is comparable to 35-40 cigarettes


Each cartomizer delivers a maximum of 300 puffs - smoking use equal to 40 cigarettes. Prices/savings may vary subject to the user's geographical location.

Smoke Anywhere

  • UK Health Act - Smoking Ban Exempt
  • Legal to use indoors public places
  • Legal to smoke in pubs, clubs, restaurants, offices etc
  • Socially acceptable way of smoking
  • No flame - Safely smoke in bed
  • Inhale and exhale vapour so there is no second hand cigarette smoke

Which Strength of Cartomizer (Refill) Do I Need?

The VIP E-Cig Cartomizer strength is a personal preference and will depend largely on how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

New customers usually start with the strongest 24mg nicotine filter which makes it easier adapting to using the e-cigarette.

Do not compare Cartomizer nicotine strength with the nicotine level on your tobacco cigarette box. Nicotine is not consumed in once session but over the duration of using the full Cartomizer.

The following is purely a guide. It will be more difficult converting to e-cigarettes if you have chosen too low a level of nicotine.

  • Strong 24-mg: 15 or more cigarettes cigarettes per.
  • Regular 16-mg: between 10-15 cigarettes per day.
  • Mild 11-mg: less than 10 per day.
  • 0-mg: if you wish to cut out nicotine entirely.
  • There are always exceptions. If you are using Mild Cartomizers and lack the sensation of a nicotine throat hit try switching to a higher strength of nicotine.
If you find the Strong 24mg too harsh you can drop down to Regular 16mg. We leave it up to the customer to decide, after all the best person to make that decision is yourself.

Will the Electronic cigarette be right for me?

Yes if:
  • You are a smoker and you can't quit.
  • You are a smoker and you are not ready to quit.
  • You want the same nicotine hit without having to inhale tobacco smoke.
  • You want the same taste and experience as a normal cigarette.
  • You want to reduce your smoking costs.
  • You want the freedom to smoke legally in the pub, office, train or plane.
  • You don't want people to suffer from the effects of passive smoking.
  • You don't want to stain your teeth or fingers yellow.
  • You don't want the smell of stale smoke on your clothes or in your home.

No if:
  • You are under 18.
  • You don't smoke.
  • You are not a regular smoker.
  • You are allergic to nicotine.
  • You are allergic to propylene glycol.
  • If unsure of use consult your doctor.

To learn more about our Smoking Cessation Service, please view our Advice Centre.