Healthy Living

As people get older or if they have a disability, they may not find everyday living as easy as younger able bodied people.

This can cause frustration, reduce quality of life and take away independence.

Daily Living Equipment

There is now a wide range of daily living equipment which means that in many instances, there is no need to give up your independence or stop enjoying your daily life.

Some examples of daily living equipment include:

  • Products for personal care and hygiene
  • Products which assist in using the bath or toiler (e.g. grab rails, bath boards and raised toilet seats)
  • Products for food preparation (e.g. lever taps, adapted kitchen utensils)
  • Incontinence aids
  • Gripping and reaching aides
  • Products to assist in walking (e.g. walking sticks, walking frames)

All Sedem Pharmacies offer a range of products and aides for your everyday health care needs.

Healthy Living Services

Incontinence Care

Stoma Care