What is Impotence

Men who suffer with impotence (erectile dysfunction or erection problems) have frequent difficulties with getting or keeping an erection sufficient to have satisfying sex.

The man is often unable to penetrate their partner or keep their erection to allow enjoyable sex. This is a common problem. Half of all men over the age of 40 years have some difficulties with getting and keeping their erections.

The problem becomes more prevalent in older men. It is thought that about 1/5 men between 50 and 54 years and half of men between 70 and 74 years have erection problems.

Many men do who have impotence problems do not seek advice and treatments. Impotence treatments which are available are highly effective in many cases when they are used appropriately.

What causes Impotence

Impotence can be caused by both physical and also psychological factors. In all cases a reduced blood flow to the penis causes an insufficient erection.

For 75% of sufferers physical factors are present such as diabetes, stroke, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, nerve damage, high cholesterol, low blood flow to the penis or too much leakage of blood from the penis, hormone imbalance.

Psychological factors that contribute to the cause of impotence include; stress and anxiety, depressions and an unhappy relationship. Men with impotence worry about their performance which in turn contributes to their impotence.

How can Impotence be Treated

There are three main medicines to treat impotence:

  • Viagra
  • Levitra
  • Cialis
In order to obtain any of these medicines you will need to have a consultation with our Fully Trained and Accredited Pharmacist.

The type of medicine which will be best for you will be decided during your consultation.

If you have already obtained a private prescription from your GP, you may obtain your medication online with our private prescription service or at any of our Pharmacies.