Prescription Collection | Delivery Service

Please note:
If you would like Sedem Pharmacy to Collect or Deliver your prescriptions, simply call in to your local Sedem Pharmacy (see branch locations) where a member of staff will be able to assist you or complete the contact form below and a member of our Customer Care team will contact you.

If you have regular repeat prescriptions, there is now no need to visit your doctor’s surgery or prescriber to collect your prescriptions before going to the pharmacy to obtain your medicines. Sedem Pharmacy can do this for you.

What is a Prescription Collection & Delivery Service
If you have regular repeat prescriptions or you simply want Sedem Pharmacy to Collect, Dispense and Deliver your medicines, there is now no need to visit your Doctor’s Surgery or Prescriber to collect your prescriptions before going to your local Sedem Pharmacy to obtain your medicines.

We will Collect your prescriptions, dispense them and/or deliver them to your home. All Sedem Pharmacies offer a Free Prescription Collection Service and Delivery Service for anyone who wants their prescriptions to be collected from their GP’s Surgery, dispensed and delivered to your home.

FREE Delivery Service
If you are elderly or housebound, we can also benefit from our free delivery service. You will need to complete a form highlighting the reason why you need the service (this can be completed by your Carer). Once this has been set up, we will deliver your prescriptions to you each time they are dispensed. We will also deliver any additional prescriptions which you may need in addition to your normal repeat prescriptions.

FREE Prescription Collection Service
All you need to do is complete an authorisation form, giving Sedem Pharmacy permission to share information about your treatment and collect your prescriptions on your behalf.
When you need your next prescription simply contact the Sedem Pharmacy where you signed your authorisation form to let them know that you are ready for your next prescription (usually 10 days before your are due to start your next prescription).
A member of staff will check whether you need all of the items on your repeat prescription sheet and will check whether you want to collect your medication items or have them delivered.
Once confirmed your prescription will be collected from your GP Surgery and either dispensed ready for you collect or delivered to you.

Please note: You can request the collection of your prescription 10 days prior to the expected date of the next supply being required. You will not be able request the collection of your prescriptions any early than this date.