Pre-Registration Student - Career Path

Sedem Pharmacy has four Pre-Registration positions each year.

Each student has a dedicated tutor and regular interaction with the Superintendent Pharmacist. Study days etc. are regularly held for all students with the Superintendent Pharmacist.

Sedem Pharmacy adheres to the training program approved by the GPhC and its guidelines. We ensure that all Pre-Registration Pharmacists have a uniform training within the group and experience all aspects of pharmacy.

We have many premises offering various services to enable students to experience them. Sedem Pharmacy have over the years placed many Pre-Registration students into Pharmacist positions following completion of their course.

If you would like to apply for a career role with Sedem Pharmacy then either:

  • Email a copy of your CV to
  • Submit your completed Job application form via Contact Us section on this Website.
    Please select "Career & Job Application Enquiry" option from dropdown and attach your CV.