Wholesale Distributor

Sedem Pharmaceutical Wholesaling & Distribution

Sedem Pharmaceuticals (Sedem Ltd.) is a registered independent pharmaceutical wholesaler/distributor of a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products.

What Sedem Pharmaceutical Wholesaling & Distribution can offer:

  • A wide range of services to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Commitment to excellence by providing high quality products and unrivaled service
  • Excellent value to customers
  • An extensive range of Ethical Pharmaceuticals, Generics, Branded OTC products, Dressings and Appliances, Parallel Imports and Healthcare products, including Ostomy, Colostomy and Ileostomy products.
  • A wealth of knowledge within the industry
  • International Distribution Service
  • Expertise in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Healthcare Services and Healthcare I.T.

For further details of Sedem Pharmaceutical Wholesaling & Distribution, please contact a member of our team on: 0151 245 4806 or Contact Us via email at warehouse@sedempharmacy.com

Wholesale Dealers Licence Number: 20944

Under the Medicines Act 1968, and regulations made under that Act, all wholesalers of ethical pharmaceuticals have to be licensed by the DH. License holders must have suitable premises for storage, and arrangements made for securing the safe keeping of products and the adequacy of records kept to enable identification of the products in the event of a recall.